What is an 11E Sketch ?

11E Sketch is a Survey Sketch of the land issued by Survey Department. Its issued in Form 11E. That’s why, in general its called as 11E Sketch.

To register an Agricultural Property in your name, you will need 11E Sketch. In Sub Registrar office, Registration of a property, happens through Sale Deed, Partition Deed or Gift Deed. In all of these cases, you will need to submit 11E sketch of the land you are going to register.

11E Sketch
11E Sketch

It contains Blocks which shows, the portion of land that will be sold. Its Measurements, Survey Number of Property, Signature of Buyer & Signature of Seller.

11E sketch
11E Sketch

It will also contain Schedule of Agricultural Land that is being Sold, Karab details, Signatures of Surveyor & Supervisor of Survey Department.

Why 11E sketch is required?

To know why, you need 11E Sketch, first you need to know, how transfer of agricultural land used to happen before. Suppose you had to buy an agricultural land. Then, you just had to just go to Sub Registrar Office, get it registered their through sale deed.

Surveying of Land was not required for registration during those times. And people were also not aware of Survey Records.

Due to this, lot of problems started arising, some of them are listed below :-

  1. After registration of land, total land area mentioned in ownership documents like Pahani (RTC), would not be the same on ground. It would be different. Most of the time it was less. For example :- If you purchase a land of 1 acre, then on document it will show 1 acre. But when you go to the location, it would usually be less.
  2. Many time sellers, during selling would show one land in a prime location. But while registering, they used to register with property documents of some other land.
  3. Many sellers, would sell Land by forging documents. After purchasing, when the buyer went for Surveying and Fixing Boundaries, they would come to know that, the land belonged to some other person or Government Land.

There were many such disputes that were arising before. To curb this problem, Government of Karnataka, made a rule, that submission of 11E Sketch is mandatory to register any Agricultural property in Karnataka.

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