BBMP Khata certificate is an official document issued by BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike). It confirms the ownership of a property within its jurisdiction. BBMP Khata Certificate serves as a record of property details. It is often required for various purposes, including property registration, applying for loans, and property tax assessment.

The BBMP Khata certificate is used for Property Ownership Proof, Property Registration, Property Tax Assesment, Availing Utilities and Services, Legal and Financial Transactions, Resolving Property Disputes, Building Plan Approvals.

There are two main types of Certificates in Karnataka:

  1. A Khata: A Khata is issued for properties that have proper building plan approvals and follow all legal requirements. It signifies that the property has been registered with the local authority and is recognized for taxation purposes. A property with A Khata is considered legal and compliant with the regulations.
  2. B Khata: B Khata is issued for properties that do not have the necessary approvals or do not comply with certain regulations. These properties may have issues like unauthorized constructions, deviations from the approved plans, or missing documentation. While B Khata properties are recognized by the BBMP for taxation, they are considered non-compliant and may have certain restrictions and limitations.

The BBMP Khata Certificate contains information such as property owner details, property identification number, property dimensions, tax assessment details, and other relevant data. It is an essential document for property owners as it enables them to pay property taxes and avail various services

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