Before applying for Class 4 Contractor License, its important to check the eligibility criteria to apply for it. PWD Department mainly verifies with the following 3 criteria,

  1. Work Experience
  2. Financial Condition
  3. Business Credentials

Work Experience – As per present rules in PWD Department, the most important eligibility criteria to get Class 4 Contractor License is Work completion Certificate. To apply for Class 4 Civil Contractor License, you need to have successfully, completed a Government Contract Work, of minimum up to Rs.50,000/-. You need to produce the Work Experience Certificate, while applying for Class 4 Civil Contractor License. The certificate has to be given from any Government Officer. PWD Department do not accept Private Work Experience Certificates.

Financial Condition – PWD Department checks your financial condition by asking for a Banker Certificate also known as Solvency Certificate. To obtain, Class 4 Contractor License, you need to produce a Solvency Certificate of Rs.50,000/-. PWD accepts only Solvency Certificates issued by Nationalized Banks. They do not accept Solvency Certificate issued by Co operative Banks.

Business Credentials – You need to have Business Registration. If you are a Single Owner, then you need to register a Proprietorship Company. If you are having partners, then register a Partnership Company or a Private Limited Company or LLP. On present day, without Business Registration Certificate, PWD do not accept application for Class 4 Contractor License.

If you need help on getting Work Experience Certificate or Solvency Certificate or Business Registration. You can dial 8152999000.