NCP days is also known as NON CONTRIBUTION PERIOD.

For NCP days, PF contribution will not be paid to Employee PF Account.

In a month, considering 4 sundays and assuming there are no general holidays for that month, you are supposed to work for 26 days for a company.

You have every right to take leaves such as Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Medical Leave, Maternity Leave. Such days are not considered as NCP days. You PF Contribution will be paid to your PF Account.

But, if you take more leaves other than those mentioned above, than your company will consider it as Unauthorized absent and will file it as NCP Day. PF contribution will not be paid to your PF Account

Your Company can file NCP days, in case if you,

  1. Take a leave without taking necessary permission.
  2. Leaves taken after 6 months of Maternity Leave.
  3. Irregular and absent without notice.

Your company can not file NCP Days, in case,

  1. You have taken leave with necessary permission.
  2. Maternity Leave
  3. Casual Leave
  4. Earned Leave
  5. Medical Leave

As per EPF rules, in order to withdraw pension money, you will have to work for minimum 6 months. Which means you will have to work for 180 days. For example, if you start working on January 1st, and if you quit job on August 1st, most of you think that you have successfully completed 6 months service.

But that’s not true. In order to complete 6 months service, you will have to work for 180 days. You need to be present and working in your office for 180 days. Then only it is considered as 6 months as per EPF rules.

In swathi’s case, she had taken more leaves than allotted, and hence her NCP days were more. She had thought she had worked for more than six months, but in reality as per EPF rules, she had worked for less than 180 days. Hence she was not eligible for claiming pension amount.