In Karnataka there are totally 4 classes of civil contractor license, they are Class 4, Class 3,Class 2 & Class 1.

Initially, as a beginner, you will be either getting Class 4 or Class 3 civil contractor license in karnataka. With this contractor license, you can take up civil contract works of up to 25 lakhs.

You need to have following basic documents to apply for civil contractor license in Karnataka

  1. Filled Annexure 1 Form
  2. Declaration Form
  3. Solvency Certificate in Prescribed Format
  4. Affidavit
  5. CBF Challan
  6. Business Registration Certificate
  7. Income Tax Clearance Certificate
  8. Aadhar Card
  9. Pan Card
  10. 5 Passport Size Photo

With this license, you can participate in Tenders called by Government of Karnataka, bid for construction projects & take up civil contract works of any government department in Karnataka.

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