To register in e procurement website, you need to have the following,

  1. DSC also known as Digital Signature Certificate
  2. Pan Card
  3. Affidavit
  4. Cancelled Cheque

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) :-

Digital Signature Certificate is used to authenticate the identity of signer of a document. You need to purchase DSC to register in e procurement.

Without DSC, you can not even access e procurement portal. Suppliers & Contractors must purchase Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. To know more about DSC you can also click on Digital Signature Certificate.

Pan Card :- Submission of pan card is mandatory to register in e procurement.

If you are proprietor, then you can submit your individual pan card. If you have a partnership firm or private limited company or LLP, then you must submit pan card pan card in the name of company.

Affidavit :- In order to register in e procurement you need to make an affidavit. It has to be made in a 20 rupee stamp paper. Affidavit has to be notarized from a Lawyer.

Affidavit will contain details of you accepting rules & regulations of e procurement. It will also has to contain your name, company name, address with the seal and signature. If you need any assistance on getting affidavit, you can also contact 8152999000.

Cancelled Cheque :- After you register in e procurement website. You have to upload a copy of cancelled cheque.

It has to be your company bank account cheque. Only then you will be able to operate your account in hassle free manner.

To register in e procurement, what assistance do you get from us?

  1. At first, We will collect all documents from you.
  2. If you don’t have DSC, we will assist you in purchasing DSC.
  3. On behalf of you we will apply for registration.
  4. We follow up with the concerned office and communicate with the officer.
  5. We get e procurement registration done, in a quick and time bound manner.

For more you can contact 8152999000.