To apply for a new Aadhaar card in India, you can follow these steps:
Visit the official website: Go to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website at
Locate the Aadhaar Enrollment section: On the UIDAI website, find the “Enrollment & Update” tab and click on “Aadhaar Enrollment” under it.
Find an Aadhaar Enrollment Centre: On the Aadhaar Enrollment page, you will find a link to locate an Aadhaar Enrollment Centre near you. Click on the link and enter your state, district, and locality to find the nearest center.
Visit the Enrollment Centre: Visit the selected Enrollment Centre along with the required documents. You can also book an appointment online to avoid waiting in long queues.
Fill out the Aadhaar enrollment form: At the Enrollment Centre, you will be given an Aadhaar enrollment form to fill out. Provide accurate information such as your name, address, date of birth, gender, and contact details.
Submit supporting documents: Along with the enrollment form, you will need to submit supporting documents as proof of identity and address. The accepted documents include a passport, voter ID card, PAN card, driving license, etc. You can check the complete list of valid documents on the UIDAI website.
Biometric data collection: Once your form is filled and documents are submitted, your biometric data will be collected. This includes capturing your fingerprints, iris scan, and a photograph.
Collect acknowledgment slip: After completing the enrollment process, the operator will give you an acknowledgment slip containing an enrollment number. Keep this slip safe as it will be needed to track the status of your Aadhaar card application.
Wait for Aadhaar generation: Your Aadhaar card will be generated and sent to the address mentioned in your application within a few weeks. In the meantime, you can track the status of your application using the enrollment number on the UIDAI website.

New Aadhar Card can be applied by any Citizen of India. If you haven’t applied for Aadhar Card before, we at, intend to assist you in getting Aadhar Card easily in a hassle free manner.

To apply for New Aadhar for those aged above 5 years, We require below 3 documents,
Id Proof
Address Proof
Date of Birth Proof
The applicant has to compulsorily visit Aadhar Seva Kendra for biometric verification.

For Children below 5 years of Age, we will require below documents,
Both Parents Aadhar Card
Birth Certificate of child
The applicant father or mother, must visit Aadhar Seva Kendra along with their child, and will have to give their fingerprint for biometric verification.

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