Tatkal podi is the process of bifurcating Multiple Owner Land Documents into Single Owner Document. It involves Surveying of your Land.

If you are reading this, you will probably be owning a Farm land. Even if you don’t have a land, lets assume you own a land. Each and every land has a Survey number allotted to it by the Revenue Department. RTC is a document which shows, who is the owner of a survey number.

If there is a single owner in RTC and Survey Records, then Tatkal podi is not required in such cases. But, if there are multiple owners in RTC & Survey Records, and if you want to bifurcate them and convert it into a Single owner RTC. Then you will have to apply for Tatkal Podi.

Here is an Example :-

Multiple Owner Rtc
Multiple Owner RTC :- If you observe in this above RTC, it contains 3 Owners. If your land RTC is in similar way. Then you have to apply for Podi.
Single Owner RTC
Single Owner RTC :- Here if you observe in the above RTC, it contains only Single Owner. Once after Tatkal Podi is completed, you will get a Single Owner RTC like above.

Tatkal means urgent, immediate. If you want your land records to be bifurcated quickly within a short time. Then you can apply for Tatkal Podi.

Documents required to apply for Podi are :-

  1. RTC or Pahani of the Land
  2. ID proof of the Owner of the land. Example :- Aadhar Card or Voter ID

You can also contact 8152999000 to know, how to apply for Tatkal Podi.